PanAway and my soccer injury

I know, I’m 33, I probably should be giving up soccer….but its so fun and a great source of exercise and decompressing from stress!

A few weeks ago I gal kicked me in the ankle. Of course she kicked me outside of my guards, so it was very painful!

I put some oils on, iced and and didnt think anything of it until the next week when I was getting my soccer socks on! The pain almost brought me to tears!

We didnt have subs, so I unwisely played through the pain.

When I got home I took a hot bath, added some oil and raised it on a pillow before bed.

The next morning the pain was excruciating and I couldnt leave the bed. My dear husband brought oils and ice. A few hours later the swelling had gone down and I was able to put weight on it.

Today I added PanAway and put my foot under a SOQI infrared dome and the relief was AMAZING!

Love these oils!