Jeanette Loyd

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What was your first thought about essential oils?  

I originally thought essential oils were for scent only and had no idea how powerful they could be!

How did you decide to start using essential oils and become a Young Living member?

A friend shared with me about all the benefits of using them and after I was able to smell the difference between just regular lavender oil and Young Living’s lavender, then I knew I would become a member of Young Living!

What are your favorite essential oils? How do you use them?

-Thieves has helped my family get rid of many sore throats without medication and also my son’s athlete’s foot.

-PanAway instantly stopped my husband’s tooth pain.

-I use Deep Relief and Aroma Seiz often on my massage clients.

-I LOVE the scent of Valor!

A Little Bit About Me:

I am a massage therapist!

Jeanette Loyd, Perry, IA                                                                                                     YL Member #1405505
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