Kathy Herzog

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 2.27.11 PMWhat was your first thought about essential oils?  How did you decide to start using essential oils and become a Young Living member?

Truly, my first thought about essential oils was, come on, how is peppermint oil going to help my neck muscles?

In the meantime, a doctor who looks out for my overall wellness suggested I try a drop of Young Living Thieves oil on my tongue.  That’s when I signed up to become a Young Living member to buy at wholesale.
I was convinced, but my husband was still a skeptic — until he saw my long lasting energy, healthy overall emotional and physical improvements.  Now it’s a way of life to use essential oils.  Each month my thought is, which ones will I order next?  I switched to Thieves toothpaste, hand purifier, foaming hand soap,  and am ridding our house of chemicals.  I am learning so much  about how the different body systems are supported to work as intended with Young Living oils.  I wouldn’t trust another brand
What are your favorite essential oils or products? How do you use them?
A favorite oil is Valor, which I put on the bottom of my feet and the back of my neck, and breathe it in.   Magnify Your Purpose and Jasmine I wear as natural perfume, and of course Thieves, which I think every household should have on hand.   I take Young Living Master Formula HERS vitamins, BLM supplements (bones, ligaments, muscles), and drink NingXia Red every day.   Young Living has so many amazing supplements that I rotate like their great probiotic Life 5, Essentialzymes-4, Super C, MegaCal (calcium/magnesium) and the list goes on.
I also love their Boswellia Wrinkle Cream and ART Gentle Cleanser, Bath & Shower Gel Base to add whatever oils I choose.  On a daily basis I use Graepfruit Lip Balm, Thieves Household Cleaner, Hand & Body Lotion and thanks to my diffuser get comments like “It smells so good in here!”  The best part is I feel great and I get to help others feel great, too.

A Little Bit About Kathy:

Kathy went to Pine Technical College in Pine City, MN.

Kathy Herzog, Sturgeon Lake, MN                                                                                 YL Member #1420357

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