Mandie Stallings

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 3.42.40 PMWhat was your first thought about essential oils?  

Can Young Living oils really be effective? I mean I’ve tried some store brands but they didn’t seem to help.

How did you decide to start using essential oils and become a Young Living member?

I decided to start using oils when my daughter started having croup attacks consistently.  I hated having to give her steroids and breathing treatments all of the time. My cousin, Renee Skibinski, brought over her young living oils for me to try against the other store brands I had bought that were not effective.  The difference was tremendous!  Not only was I able to stop an all out croup attack when it happened, she didn’t have any more attacks that night.  I was SOLD.

What are your favorite essential oils or products? How do you use them?

-Ningxia Red – our family uses Ningxia red every day to make sure we are keeping our immune systems supported and to ensure we are getting enough servings of fruits and vegetables.  It tastes good and my kid ask for it!

-The Freedom Collection – my husband is a combat veteran and has a TBI (traumatic brain injury), PTSD and Vestibular syndrome.  He as struggled for quite a while with memory, focus, balance, sleep and anxiety.  Since starting the freedom collection oils all of our lives, but especially his, have changed for the better.  He is sleeping again with minimal snoring, his anxiety is at a minimum and his focus is back.  He says he feels “free” and his symptoms from his TBI and vestibular syndrome have dramatically improved.  All achieved without the use of medication and antidepressants which have terrible side effects.

-Thieves Hand Sanitizer – it is literally a staple in this house, the car, my purse, my grocery bags, my husband’s work bag. You can find a bottle everywhere.  We love that not only does the thieves help boost our immune systems but keeps us protected from all the bad germs out there.  My kids know that as soon as we get in the car we “wash” our hands

A Little Bit About Me:

I am the wife of a soldier, mom to two, and small business owner.  I have been on a journey to regain my health and life for the past 6 years bucking the system and seeking alternative medical choices when conventional medicine stopped working.  You can check out my journey over at The Oily Goodness facebook page from the link below.  I love to create and work on projects with my husband.  I dream of the day we settle down in one place and create roots but I treasure the time I’ve had moving to different states and meeting all sorts of people. I’m a sucker for period dramas, and good old fashioned tv. I fit right in with creatures of the night as I tend to be quite the night owl an love the quiet it provides after the chaos of the day. Most of all, I LOVE talking oils!

Mandie Stallings, North Carolina                                                                                  YL Member #1409501
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