Renee Skibinski

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What was your first thought about essential oils?  

I love that I can provide this pure, natural care for my family’s needs!

How did you decide to start using essential oils and become a Young Living member?

My friend Tracy gifted our family with our first essential oils, the everyday oils kit.  I had only planned on using the oils for personal benefit, but Young Living sells itself, so I am now an active distributor.

What are your favorite essential oils or products? How do you use them?

-DiGize is one of my favorites because of digestion issues I have always struggled with, it has made my life so much easier and eliminated the pain that used to be a consistent part of my life.

-Frankincense is also a big favorite of mine, I used it for many things but probably the most significant difference it has made for me is the prevention of gallbladder surgery I was supposed to have (just rubbed it right over my liver/gallbladder).

-Valor is another one we couldn’t live without- it has resolved night terror issues my son had.

-Thieves in my diffuser is another oil our family could not live without!

A Little Bit About Me:

Renee Skibinski, Praia, Cape Verde, Africa                                                           YL Member #1316427
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