The school field trip that takes over your kitchen…

I wanted to be the kind of parent that was available to volunteer to chaperone every field trip! Not that I think my kids can’t do it alone, but I love adventure and exploring new things!

Last year we took the annual school field trip to a local farm. The admission price was $11 per person but you could take home whatever you wanted….or could carry I guess.

As many of my veggie friends withered and died on my counter top last year, I determined to be more prepared for this year! And I was going to get my moneys worth in veggies!


We went moderate in our veggie gathering this year because we didn’t want to waste any. (Well, I’m sure the chickens wouldn’t have minded…)img_7404

Meal One: Bacon, Kale, Potato soup. Thanks to for the recipe! I had a family of 5 over for dinner when I tried this amazing recipe out, then made 5 large containers for the freezer

Next Up: Beet Kvass! Thanks Wellness Mama for the history, usage and recipe!!!img_7415

On to: Pickled Beets, Veggies and Cucumbers! Thanks for Backyard Farmer for the mix and recipe (package shown)img_7418 img_7420

Meal Two: Chili! I like to soak dry beans overnight, then put them on a high simmer for a few hours, then add chunky fresh tomatoes, peppers, onions and spices. I then put it all into a crock pot and let it simmer until dinner!img_7422 img_7423 img_7424

Warning! This year I picked a few hot peppers and didn’t realize it! Please use gloves while de-seeding the peppers! If your hands turn into hot-fire-fingers like mine did, rinse in apple cider vinegar 3-5 times and let air dry!img_7426

Meal Three: Brussel Sprout Hash with Eggs and Bacon. This has become one of my favorites!! We are trying to be as “plant-strong” as possible and minimize grains, and this recipes fills you up with good veggies and fats (and the kids like it too!)! Thanks to for the recipe (I used scrambled eggs instead and omitted the aleppo)! img_7435

Meal Four: FAIL! Colcannon, with potatoes, leeks and bacon (oops forgot the cabbage!). Food Network made it look so good. It wasn’t terrible, but I won’t make it again, well, unless I decide to add the cabbage next time.img_7438

We also shucked ALOT of corn (this was the first stop at the farm on the hay wagon and the kids got a little over zealous…) but it was a great thing to share for the Sunday School party! The anise made my house smell amazing for a day and the basil simmered on the stove the next day making my house aroma amazing once again!….Mmmmm

Next week: Pumpking Pie and Carving!

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