I was making cookies last night for my husband’s birthday and God taught me something.

My husband’s favorite cookie is “chocolate no-bake” cookies just like his mom makes them. I can’t copy her exactly, but I can come close enough for it to count.

Usually when I make this recipe however, I make it my way….half the sugar called for or sub honey, coconut flakes, chia seeds…you know, the healthy version.

But, since it was his birthday I decided to concede. 🙂 I was measuring out the ingredients warming up the milk and butter, tossed in the cocoa, put the oats, vanilla and peanut butter in the bowl and then realized…..I was out of sugar. I did have some powdered sugar and I figured it was just a finer processed version so I used it.


Lets just say, my husband was disappointed.

Thats when God spoke to my heart.

“But I tried.”

“I used all that I had.”

“I did most of it his way.”

“I even drove to the store to get the needed ingredients and tried to fix it!”

I cannot live my life with my husband as the final judge of my actions, or intentions, but I do have the power to offer my best. However, I also need to realize that sometimes what I have to offer is not what he is looking for or needs in his life. God put us together, so I have to be willing to bend and learn, especially when my task oriented self needs to be a little “sweeter.”

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