Unwanted Visitors

School has started. Along with the start of school comes unwanted visitors. Sometimes, those visitors go unnoticed, and sometimes they cause a stir. In our house, things got stirred up quite a bit! My daughter has curly hair, so we decided to go the traditional route with the Walgreens back to school special. That didn’t seem to work, so we tried it again along with a hair cut… img_7240

Still had some unwanted visitors, so we tried an essential oil mix for two days in a row. We were pleased with how soft our hair was and that we didn’t see or feel the affects of our previous visitors! img_7208

7 days later we tried the Walgreens special again as the box directed, but also brought out the big guns, our essential oil mix with hair caps and spray. screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-2-57-39-pm
Head: 6 pumps of V-6 + 4 drops Thyme + 4 drops Geranium + 4 drops Lavender

Spray for the beds, curtains, stuffed animals, clothes (after a wash + heat treatment in the dryer if possible): 1/2 cup witch hazel + 8 drops cedar wood + 8 drops rosemary + 8 drops melrose (or melaleuca) + water


The downside of unwanted visitors: Unwanted visitors! Yuck!

The upside of unwanted visitors: 1. Down-sizing of stuffed animals / toys / clutter and a system to organize them. 2. Going through clothes and getting rid of ones that are too small or out of season. 3. Amazing sleep after spraying all the curtains, beds and pillows with our spray! screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-2-59-24-pm

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