Vicki Delaney

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 5.08.24 PMWhat was your first thought about essential oils?  

How can such a little bit of something make a difference!

How did you decide to start using essential oils and become a Young Living member?

Seeing what a difference YLEO made with my family is what made me start to research this company called Young Living.

What are your favorite essential oils? How do you use them?

The Citrus oils have been in my daily routine for over 5 years now. I like to add them to my drinking water. I believe that we MUST cleanse our body daily to have optimum health.

A Little Bit About Me:

I have been in SALES since i was about 14 years old, both casually and professionally. I currently hold hold a Real Estate Brokers license &  Sales and Marketing degree. I enjoy Young Living as a full time profession. Helping to unlock today’s health issues using the Zyto Compass and Young Living Essential Oils has been a very rewarding experience.

Vicki Delaney, East Central MN                                                                                    YL Member #1246896
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