Young Living Farms

Young Living grows and processes almost all of their products!

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Why is owning your own farms important?

Tell us about your visit to a Young Living farm!

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Vicki visited the Mona, UT lavender farm in 2014 and says, “it was breath taking! It is important for me to know where all my food comes from, so its also important to know where my oils come from too!”
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Jodi, Tracy, Kari, Vicki, Jan and Mary got to visit the Mona lavender farm in 2014
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Vicki, Kari, Jodi, Jan and Tracy got to try fresh lavender!
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Kari got to visit the Mona, UT lavender farm in 2014. She said, “it was wonderful to walk through the seed to seal process!”
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2014 was Tracy’s second time at the Mona, UT lavender farm! She said, “it was exhilarating to see so many of Spread the Health Team experience the farms!”
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Jim and Nancy got to visit the Mona, UT lavender farm in 2013 and 2014 they enjoyed it very much!
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Tracy got to visit the St Maries, ID lavender farm for Silver retreat. She says, “with a smaller group at the farm, the beautiful setting and sandalwood distilling, my senses were overwhelmed! It was nice to get 1on1 time with the Youngs and spend a weekend with other health conscious, oil-loving individuals! I cant wait to take my family here!”
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Tracy and her leaders, Hope and Rachelle at the St. Maries, ID lavender farm in 2013
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Mark and Tracy visited the Mona, UT lavender farm in 2012. Mark says, “I could totally live here! It makes me feel more a part of something than just an oil salesman!”